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Have you come to someone's recommendation, by curiosity or by accident? If you are interested in skiing, you are in the right place. I would like to talk with you about skiing, I would like to rent you the premium czech ski brand LUSTI and premium austrian skis BLIZZARD. Or just give you some little advice only. But what I would prefer the most is to take you on a hill with me and show you how to enjoy skiing, push your limits and enjoy the most fun. Whether you are with your family, a bunch of friends or a private lesson just for you. Let's get it!

Testing and sales of LUSTI & BLIZZARD & SPORTEN skis

When we will ski together, I am happy to borrow the ski for FREE to you. After that you will choose the ski and bindings, we will consult everything, I will prepare and mount it. You will just ski later on :-). Brands LUSTI & BLIZZARD have a lot to offer! I've been on them for over ten years, and those brands have never disappointed me.

" If I want to be successful I have to take skiing very seriously. But also as the best fun at the same time. "

With my guests, students, colleagues, friends, family or just a solo ... I always go to full throttle and enjoy skiing at maximum :-).