Critics, reviews and references

    What did people, we had the honor to ski with, tell or write about us.


manager of ski school in Japan

„I have been skiing since my childhood, and after such a time, you are looking for a new impulse. Michal brought me to the telemark, taught me the basics, and showed me a new dimension of skiing. Suddenly what you've done a thousand times is new and super. “


ski instructor & coach, Czech Republic

„Natural authority, individual approach, perfect demonstrations. I hesitated to continue learning, at the end I WANTED MORE. Instead of leaving home, I stayed the next day and followed the advice. “


student, Singapore

„Thank you so much for the lesson. I had awesome time and I really enjoyed it. “


manager, Hong Kong

„Million thanks for your teaching and improving me a lot.
I love skiing and hope we can meet in New Zealand again.“


student & ski instructor, Czech Republic

„I went through a skiing course for the beginner ski instructors with Michael. And for a rookie  like me, it was the first impression and the overall approach which was a crucial. Michael, as a lecturer, has done everything well. I fall in love with skiing, but I also learned how to teach skiing correctly and at the same time improve my own technique. He has clearly and easily explained the all issues. He was open to new ideas and was trying to make up for the shortcomings of each of us. Overall, he was very professional and at the same time friendly, which is essential for the lecturer.“


ski instructor & student, Czech Republic

„At the end of the 2016/17 season, I was going to extend my APUL ski license, where my group was lecturing by Michael. The prolongation of the license usually lasts one weekend and it is therefore challenging to familiarize all new things, new rules, new methodology and potential new teaching principles in such a short time. In addition to explaining this to all of them in a playful and nonviolent manner with the "experience yourself, what will you teach your student" method, we've also devoted ourselves to improving our own skiing abilities. So I did a very clear picture about Michael after such a short time. Michael is, in my opinion, a great lecturer who can bring many interesting innovations into the stereotypical practices of the ski instructor, and he is undoubtedly a good instructor with tremendous comments and above all a fun way of teaching, and ultimately a great person with whom you will not be bored at the chairlift “


student & part time ski instructor, Czech Republic

„Michael is a great opportunity. He is the person from whom the mountains radiate directly, they are part of his life and you can have the luck to enter this world. You can forget everything and just let yourself be guided, because Michael will arrange everything. In every movement, in every his word there are years of practice, experience and self-improvement. He claims he's not perfect, but I know he's one of the best. As I said, it is an opportunity, and I am very grateful that it has just come to my way.“


hospitality manager/traveller, Belgium

"Having Michael as ski instructor is having the perfect man to get over the fears you might have plus building up a very good technique. He can read his students needs and easily cater to all of these different situations. I felt very safe and finaly learnt how to enjoy skiing. Like he said so beautiful: he is there to help you, not to get you out of your comfort zone, but to make your comfort zone bigger. You'll love this guy! "


manager, Czech Republic

„I had a telemark course for beginners with Michael and I was very excited. Michael is very capable and talented instructor who can teach and entertain as well. After two days, all of us managed the basics. I recommend telemark everyone who wants to discover another side of skiing.“


doctor, Californie, USA

„Michael, I had an awesome day at Cardrona skiing with you and your pointers were helpful.
Hopefully we can connect up again to make some more turns. “